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Nonionic APEO FREE Ultra low foaming speciality surfactant blends super performance. Powerful wetting ,scouring & emulsifying agent for cotton,wool,
polyester, Acrylic and delicate Lycra fabric also. It is suitable for high turbulant softlow, package dyeing and connntinuous process Machine in pad operations.


Appearance : Colourless liquid

Composition : Synergistic blends of speciality nonionic surfactants

Ionicity : Nonionic PH : 7.0+ 0.5

Solubility : Miscible with water in any Proportion.

Compatibility : Compatible with all anionic & non- ionic chemicals

with special stability at high alkaline condition.

Storage : Stable for at Least 6 month if stored in cool place.


    • Can be easily diluted with water in all proportions
    • low foam generation, suitable for soft flow m/c
    • it acts as excellent deareting & instant wetting properties
    • It works as high powered alkali stable detergent with excellent wetting properties for all kind of fibres,fabrics and blends.
    • It ensures uniform preparation with good penetrating & rewetting properties thereby resulting uniform dyeing ,printing & finishing.
    • It effectively removes the synthetic sizes from fabrics.
    • It has high soil suspending properties there by giving better cleaned whiter brighter fabric.
    • It emulsifies natural & mineral oils and waxes to make the fabric more whiter,brighter & highly absorbant
    • It also can be used as washing off agent for printed and dyed fabrics.

PACKING : 50 KG HDPE Container

DOSAGES: 0. 1 TO 0.4% on weight of fabrics